Board of Directors

Paul Sumner

Chief Executive Officer / Single Owner Collections

Paul is a respected specialist in the fields of Australian art, Chinese and Asian arts, and European design, antiques and art. He has more than 30 years of experience working in the art and antiques industry with international and Australian auction houses.

Paul is the son of art and antique dealers, and his early years in the industry were spent in the United Kingdom where he began his career, taking his first auction at age 17.

He migrated to Australia in 1987 to commence work with Sydney auction house Rushton Fine Art and joined Christie’s Australia in 1990, becoming its Sydney Manager in 1992. He was then headhunted by Sotheby’s Australia and, at age 32, became its youngest-ever Managing Director. Paul held this position until 2001 when he was appointed the Managing Director of Sotheby’s, London.

He returned to Australia in 2004 to establish Mossgreen, which, at the time, was the first auction house and gallery hybrid. After nine years of growth, Mossgreen merged with Leski Auctions in 2013 and acquired the former Armadale Picture Theatre in Melbourne where it is currently located. Mossgreen is now Australia’s largest multi-department auction house and since acquiring the former Webb’s auction house in New Zealand, the company is now run as a trans-Tasman regional business.

Paul Sumner

Jack Gringlas OAM


A family man with four children, Jack is a keen supporter of education and philanthropy. He also holds a number of leadership positions in the Melbourne community.

Jack was born into the family business of CMG in 1951. He matriculated as Dux of Wesley College in 1968 and went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with honours at The University of Melbourne. Jack became Managing Director and Owner of CMG in 1984.

From 1984 to 2010, the CMG business grew to be the industry leader for the manufacture and sales of electric motors in Australia and held major market shares in eight countries around the globe.

In April 2010, Jack sold the CMG Engineering Group to Regal Beloit Corporation [RBC], a corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange; at the buyer’s request, Jack remained in the role of President of South East Asia Pacific for 12 months, then of Chairman for six months. In this role, Jack managed a team of 1,500 employees and a budget of $200 million.

In September 2011, Jack decided to leave the company to pursue a new career and went on to establish the Jadig Group, a boutique investment and advisory business.

Amongst his other endeavours, early in 2013, he identified the opportunity to bring together the successful operations of both the Leski Auctions business and the Mossgreen Gallery and Auctions business, to create the new Mossgreen. Jack was delighted to accept the appointment of Chairman to assist in the merger and to help steer the new and exciting business into the future.

In 2014, Jack received a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the Jewish community and to education, particularly through philanthropic works.